Well, here's something I never thought I would be able to provide: a YouTube version of the Flash video for the insane Tokyo Folk Crusaders song "I Only Live Twice". This song is a long time favorite on WFMU, especially on the late great Incorrect Music show. Hearing it on that show, along with their English translation of the lyrics, inspired me to make this animation in Flash in early 2001.

Eventually I got a copy of the video to the Incorrect Music people, and they showed it at (I believe) the last ever Incorrect Music Video show at Fez in NYC. Among the luminaries gathered there were Mike "Sport" Murphy, Otis Fodder of The Bran Flakes, and author Ken Smith, who apparently turned up the song in the first place and said that this animation matched what he thought of the song.

So now this animation can totally be shared all over the place. Exciting! I have a couple other music animations that I can post, so stay tuned.

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