Human Resource Machine.

If you like vidya-games that require you to learn basic programming skills (not BASIC programming skills) then check out Human Resource Machine, a new game from some of the devs who created World of Goo. It's blatantly a programming game; no attempts to hide the intent of the game are made. You start in the mail room, moving blocks from one conveyor belt to another using basic instructions. The challenges ramp up pretty quickly after the first few levels.

And once you've figured out all the levels, there are challenge modes that ask you to complete the tasks in a minimum number of statements, both in program size and in total number of executed steps. The challenge modes are quite tricky at the higher levels, so a quick protip for anyone who might be having trouble on them: read up on loop unrolling.

I've got a handful of challenges to beat, and then I'm done with the game. It's a really run game, though, so I would definitely recommend that you check it out, if you have any interest at all in programming.

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