Busy weekend!

Wow, okay. Friday night was 20x2 Chicago, where I and 19 other people did 2 minute presentations on the question, "When did you know?" My photos are here on Flickr, and you can see my 2-minute video for the show on YouTube.

Saturday night was a party with friends, where we met an awesome dog named Fletcher. If you want to see photos, you should join the Facebook group for the podcast Can I Pet Your Dog?, where you will see a load of dog photos and learn about many dogs' lives.

Sunday afternoon was a tour of Graceland Cemetery, which I used as an opportunity to test out the new Lensbaby Velvet 56 lens. This lens has a distinctive hazy look to it when you open it up, which isn't applicable for all photo shoots, but does definitely have a place for those who enjoy a dreamy quality to their photos. My photos are here, where you can see some of the unusual effects of the lens.

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