The Dream Machine!

Just finished up the latest chapter of The Dream Machine, a great point-and-click adventure game. The graphics in the game are photos of actual 3-D models built by the designers (a la The Neverhood), and it's exploring a lot of interesting themes as you travel into people's dreams.

The previous chapter, in which you enter the dreams of an elderly woman, is particularly poignant, as you have to deal with her crumbling dreams and literally navigate through fading memories. This latest chapter takes you to a pair of sleepers whose dreams seem at first to be unrelated, until you discover an unsettling connection between the two.

And of course the chapter has a satisfying conclusion and a cliffhanger to get you wanting to play the 6th and final chapter. No date has been published for that, but I'm definitely in for the whole ride, so I'll be waiting anxiously for the final installment.

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