New cameras and new camera apps.

I've been assembling a large number of cameras and apps for photos lately. Here's a partial list:

  • My main camera these days is a Sony NEX-5T mirrorless camera, after getting a recommendation for this from The Wirecutter. I've been getting a handful of lenses for it, including the now-legendary Fujian 35mm CCTV lens that's been providing varying results for those who test it. My Fujian pics are up on Flickr and are slowly growing. I'm pretty excited about this lens and hope to continue using it.
  • Another new camera is the Lomo'Instant which is a Lomography camera that uses Fujifilm instant film cartridges. That has also provided some interesting shots, which are again up on Flickr.
  • For apps, you're probably already familiar with the Lenka, which is a b&w photo app which provides interesting photographs. No advanced settings; it's mostly just a simple camera app. My photos from that app are here on Flickr.
  • And finally, there's the Vignette app, which I've been using instead of Hipstamatic with excellent results. That album is here on Flickr.

Actually, that's most of the cameras & apps that I'm using these days, so it's a more-than-partial list. All of these cameras and apps are highly recommended for YOU, dear friend.

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