Hot "G" dog!

After the city of Chicago was dealt a huge blow with the closing of Hot Doug's, I've been on the hunt, looking for a new location for Chicago style dogs. Yesterday I finally stopped by Hot "G" Dog, a new place opened up by a couple of guys who used to work at Hot Doug's.

The place totally reminded me of Hot Doug's -- specifically, when it used to be on Roscoe, before it got extremely popular and going there meant standing in line. The space is roomy, and has plenty of seating (though not stools at the window, which would be a nice touch). The menu is varied enough to bring back memories of Hot Doug's; plenty of unusual sausages, a nice beef dog, and even corn dogs. Plus, duck fat fries on the weekend!

Hot "G" Dog will most likely become my go-to place for hot dogs when I'm starting out from home. Other places that are harder to get to, but are no less delicious: Max's Take Out, one of the few lunch places in the Loop that looks like it hasn't been renovated in the past 30 years; Chubby Wieners in Lincoln Square; Franks 'n' Dawgs on Clybourn, for the fancy dining option; and, of course, Superdawg.

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