A tale of two games.

Last week saw the premiere of two highly anticipated games: Armikrog, by the makers of the classic claymation-graphics game Neverhood; and The Beginner's Guide, the second game by the maker of the weird-ass game The Stanley Parable.

If you've been paying attention to the reviews, you have a pretty good idea which game I liked better. Armikrog is, as the reviewers tell you, unfortunately buggy. I fell victim to a particularly pernicious bug in the game, in which you can end up in a state where you cannot solve the endgame due to your route being cut off from the mechanism which would allow you to fix it. So I am literally one step away from completing the game, and can't do it. I can solve this by simply saving a game right at the appropriate point, but I'm just not interested in continuing the game.

Armikrog has a couple puzzles that can't be solved, because the solution is shown after you make it through the puzzle (as I did by looking up a walkthrough online). The player controls two different avatars during the game, and clicking on the one that you want to do specific actions can be confusing, because the two characters are often on top of each other. One of the most important pieces of information that you need in the early stage of the game, that certain NPCs can provide you information, is almost impossible to stumble upon your own, because when you're playing as one character, you get no information from these NPCs, and you would never even think to talk to them as the other character!

Anyway, I pretty much agree with everything said in the above link. It's a shame the game isn't better, because it's a lot of time and money (their Kickstarter campaign raised nearly a million bucks) spent on a product that could have benefited from a little more play testing.

The Beginner's Guide, on the other hand, is pretty great, especially if you like non-game games like The Stanley Parable. I won't say too much about it (because you can find plenty of info in reviews of the game), but if you have to choose between the two games, go for The Beginner's Guide first.

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