Good riddance, 2020.

I'm guessing your year went as well as everyone else's did, yeah? Same here. On the chance that someone is still reading this, here are some thing that happened over 2020.

Started a new job. I got let go from my old job last year, and found a new job pretty quickly. I started in January, and things went very well for about 2 1/2 months. Then we started working from home, and things went ... well, pretty okay after that. The job is interesting, I have loads of fun things to do, and most importantly, I am no longer on call. This alone makes the job a significant step up. So that's good.

20x2 went on hiatus. We did one show in January (photographic proof on Flickr) and then had to shut down. We did create a 20x2 zine which you can pick up at Quimby's and there may be a second zine coming next year.

Lost a pet. Yep, tragically our cat Margaret passed away right as lockdown was starting in the US. We knew we had limited time with her, so it was all about keeping her as comfortable as possible in her final years. We are currently pet-less and will likely remain so until lockdown is over.

Went nuts over Taskmaster. Are you familiar with the British TV show Taskmaster? If not, then go look at their YouTube page which has a bunch of earlier seasons available for free streaming. It's one of the shows that pretty much everyone we know is watching in quarantine, because it's just silly fun in game show format.

Did a socially distanced Thanksgiving. This worked for us because there were people in our condo building that wanted to cook for the holiday. Each of us made our signature dishes, and then left a small container of food by the other neighbors' doors. We ended up assembling a full Thanksgiving dinner without ever seeing anyone up close. Christmas went by without a similar meal, but perhaps we will need to do the same next year.

Podcast on hiatus. I guess this goes without saying, but the previously mentioned podcast is on hiatus for the time being. It's not like you're hurting for other podcast choices out there, right?

Got some drums! I've been taking drum lessons at the Old Town School for a few years now, and this year graduated to an actual electronic drum kit. Before this, I was just practicing with drum pads, and let me tell you it's quite a difference between drumming on pads and drumming on an actual kit. For one thing, the tension needed to keep the left foot down on the hi-hat pedal is significantly more than you need when you're pretending to have a hi-hat! I continue my lessons, working on both rock and jazz drum patterns, with the hope of eventually being able to join an ensemble class at the Old Town School in '021.

And that's about it for now. Hope you have a better 2021, Dear Reader!

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