A list of achievements by members of the band Heavenly (UK).

It all started with the news that Amelia Fletcher, singer and guitarist for bands like Talulah Gosh, Heavenly, Marine Research, etc. got her CBE in 2020. As I started looking around, I noticed that quite a few members of the band Heavenly have distinguished non-music careers.

Amelia Fletcher is a professor of economics at the University of East Anglia, and received the OBE in 2014, as well as the CBE in 2020, for "service to the economy".

Peter Momtchiloff, the bassist for Heavenly, is Senior Commissioning Editor for Philosophy at Oxford University Press.

Cathy Rogers, the keyboardist and vocalist in Heavenly, is best known as the host for "Scrapheap Challenge" and "Junkyard Wars".

And there are two backup singers for Heavenly that are of note: Elizabeth Price, who was also in the band Talulah Gosh, won the Turner Prize in 2012. And another backup singer, Eithne Farry, is now an author and literary editor.

The UK label Damaged Goods just released a collection of singles by Heavenly, which is excellent. See also this interview with Amelia where she talks about being a musician and economist. And here's a video for the song "Our Love is Heavenly" that features many of these talented people.

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