Well, HERE'S something I never expected to purchase: a high-quality fez from the fine folks at Fez-O-Rama. This is a serious piece of headgear: quilted inner lining, textured velvet outside, and a good-quality tassel with an adjustable ring that allows the appropriate amount of tassel to be displayed.

The design on the front is the Freedonia emblem from the Marx Brothers film Duck Soup. The Marx Brothers loom large in our legend, and this item was just too good to pass up. The Freedonia fez had been previously offered for sale, but I was just too late the first time it was offered. When it popped up again near the end of last year as an impulse item, I put the money down for one of these fezzes.

I totally recommend Fez-O-Rama for all your fezzy needs! This headgear is sturdy, well-made, and looks brilliant. Can recommend!

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