Post B-Fest.

B-Fest 2016 has come and gone, and I've got some new film recommendations to check out!

  • The Adventures of Hercules. The one starring Lou Ferrigno. This one is already up on YouTube, and looks fabulous. The ending features some crazy fighting.
  • Americathon had a lot of people muttering about Meatloaf, so I guess I better check that one out as well.
  • Nobody had anything good to say about The Garbage Pail Kids Movie or Blood Mania, so we'll skip those at this point.
  • Moon Zero Two was featured on an old MST3K episode, but I'm unfamiliar with it. The footage that I've seen from it looks AMAZING though, so that goes on my to-watch list.
  • Low Blow looks to be a great kung fu film that gets upstaged by the hero's reckless driving habits. Check!
  • Everyone went CRAZY for Roar. Most people agreed that there were some laws being broken in the film somewhere, but nobody could figure out which ones. (The movie immediately following Roar was an MGM film, and the roaring lion at the start of the film made everybody scream.)
  • And of course The Super Inframan is just amazing, and worth owning if you don't already have a copy.

I was inspired by this year's lineup and bought up some of the titles, along with a few others, at the Warner Archive site. I'm planning my own personal B-Fest movie marathon next weekend, so some of those films might come in handy. If now, well, there's always the Prelinger Archives.

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