So instead of going to B-Fest I had my own day of watching B-movies. I called it "B'-Fest", or "B-prime Fest". A little math joke that most people did not get.

Here was my list of movies for B'-Fest:

  • Record City (1978). Basically Car Wash in a record store. Notable for the startling cast list, the likes of which is rarely seen outside a Cannonball Run film: Ed Begley Jr., Sorrell Booke, Ruth Buzzi, Jack Carter, Rick Dees, Kinky Friedman (as himself), Gallagher, Alice Ghostley, Frank Gorshin and Tim Thomerson. We were just one Charles Nelson Reilly away from a full-on "Match Game" show breaking out!
  • The Monkey Hu$tle (1976). The best PG-rated blaxploitation film you will ever see! At the regular B-Fest the blaxploitation film usually plays in the middle of the night, which most definitely did not help this particular film, because there's a lot of confusing behavior going on, mostly involving moving cardboard boxes and frozen pork around Chicago's South Side. Also, Rudy Ray Moore.
  • The Flaming Urge (1953). A sensitive young gentleman moves to Monroe, Michigan and tries to control his unnatural urges. He finds another of his kind at the department store he works at, and they flaunt their lifestyle in front of their co-workers. Oh, did I mention that he's a fire-chaser? What did you think I was talking about?
  • Frankenstein Meets The Spacemonster (1965). It's not really Frankenstein, it's a humanoid robot (or "ro-butt", as they often said back then) with half his face burned off by some sci-fi alien rays. There is a spacemonster, though. Oh, and one of the head bad aliens looks and sounds EXACTLY like Jon Lovitz! Also features Bruce Glover in a bit part as one of the aliens.
  • Super Inframan (1979). aka Infra-man. Well, it's not a Godzilla movie, but it has pretty much everything else you need: dragons, robots (or "ro-butts"), tentacles, and Thunderball Fists! Gotta love it.

Three mystery shorts were also screened: What A Life, a Richard Massingham short about assisted suicide or something like that; Something for Nothing, featuring Rube Goldberg (yes, THE Rube Goldberg) talking about how great gasoline is; and One Got Fat, a very disturbing bicycle safety film that got a great Rifftrax treatment a while back. I don't remember where I got a copy of the Massingham film, but the other two are available at archive.org, and they're worth checking out.

So that was MY weekend.

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