As I was saying...

Okay, then. Looks like I'll be sticking with Anchor for a while, since Node.js is misbehaving. Well, that's okay: that's only the second reboot of this blog in the past 4 months.

So I haven't been posting for a while, mostly because I was making my way through the Bioshock games. The first half of the first game is the creepiest thing ever; I still can't force myself to go through the crematorium section a second time. If you haven't made it through, I highly recommend the walkthrough at IGN, which includes pretty much every hidden power-up and place where you can get supplies. I couldn't have made it through the game without it.

There's other things happening, but I'll get into those things later. I will leave you with this little bit of Chicago news: with the famous Hot Doug's closing up for good in a couple weeks, the lines to get into the shop have gone so long that people are now camping out overnight to get in, leading to the Hot Doug's team being forced to stop more people getting in line even before the place opens! I'm really fortunate that I went to HD's a week before the closing announcement was made, or else I'd be trying to decide whether or not it's worth staking out a place in line now (verdict: only for the historical importance of being one of the last customers, not for the food).

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