20x2: What do you want?

So the most recent 20x2 Chicago happened a couple weekends ago. The question of the evening was "What do you want?", and I ended up doing a mashup of 11 different songs on the theme of wanting stuff. You can see the video embedded above, or if you just want to see my video, you can just skip to the end of part 2.

Like most of the videos that I put together, the sources were found online (all on YouTube in this case) and assembled together using Vegas editing software. This is particularly of note since Sony recently sold off their video & audio software to Magix, a multi-national software company that sells many other multimedia products.

The most recent version of Vegas is one that was produced by Magix, and doesn't include many major features, but the company is highlighting the improved titling capabilities. I'm always on the lookout for ways to make my videos stand out, so I will have to investigate the titling capabilities. I must say I haven't been impressed by the rendering speed of recent versions of the titling software for Vegas, but I'm always hoping that it's going to get better, so I'll continue to futz with it to see if I can get it working better. Stay tuned for next 20x2, some time in April, to see if I come up with something.

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